How It All Works

Our artists paint anything in all sorts of mediums from prints, murals, leather, fabric, and metal. These have turned into paintings, posters, home feature walls, custom leather jackets and guitar pedals. 
Want something specific? You'll never know it's possible unless you ask. You have an idea, let's bring it to life!
Cost is based on the expense of supplies and the amount of time it takes to complete a project. Of course it may cost more or less to complete the same picture on a different canvas or with a difference medium depending on supplies and how much prep is required. Please provide as much detail to what you would like when putting in a request.



Henna & Jagua

Henna is a traditional method of staining the skin brown with henna leaves. Jagua works in a similar manner from the jagua fruit and leaves a dark blue stain. It's Personal Henna makes their own henna paste using fresh lemon juice, henna powder, sugar and eucalyptus oil. The paste is applied in the pattern of your personal preference, dries, and flakes off after several hours leaving an orange stain that darkens over the course of the next few days. The tattoo lasts up to two weeks depending on the area of the body and how well you take care of it. Come for something traditional, non traditional or try out a tattoo before you get a permanent installment at the tattoo studio.

Want to book an event?! We'd love to come to you! Sure to add a fun, personal flair to any party or wedding event!
$60/hr with a minimal booking of 1hr for your event. 
We can't wait to be part of your special day!

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Line it up

Our resident line artist who can put an abstract twist on anything. Adrienne has learned to display her art on canvas, fabric, metal and straight onto the walls of your home. You'll see her dip her toes into digital art from time to time but her style of line work remains the same.
Her most popular commissions are painting new designs on old jackets, tattoo line work design, and canvas pieces.



Master of realism

Coming Soon

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