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How It All Works

Our artists paint anything in all sorts of mediums from prints, murals, leather, fabric, and metal. These have turned into paintings, posters, home feature walls, custom leather jackets and guitar pedals. 
Want something specific? You'll never know it's possible unless you ask. You have an idea, let's bring it to life!
Cost is based on the expense of supplies and the amount of time it takes to complete a project. Of course it may cost more or less to complete the same picture on a different canvas or with a difference medium depending on supplies and how much prep is required. Please provide as much detail to what you would like when putting in a request.

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Jackets, hats to footwear. Refurbish your plain or vintage clothing with some art. Turn your jacket into a work of art of a pair of plain VANS into collectibles. 
The best part it is you know the clothing is going to fit, because it is already yours!
Price is bid out based on time of $40/hr. The clothing piece is primed, painted/stained to order, and sealed. The duration of the art and amount of fade depends on the fabric, wear time and wash. For example, shoes will wear faster than a hat. Leather boots will last longer than converse fabric art, especially if you invest in taking care of them. We are always sure to provide how to care for your art enhanced clothing after!

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Classic galaxy on canvas. This art form fills the onlooker with wonder. Have a custom canvas piece done to add some color to your room, or make a unique gift using the silhouette from a memorable moment. Ideas can include a wedding photo, ultrasound, favourite skyline or even a pet. 

Though don't let your imagination stop at canvas. Our artist has done galaxy work from leather to fabric to murals as well. Let your mind wander and contact us today!

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Temporary Tattoo

Dye from the Genipa Americana fruit in South America has been used throughout generations for traditional and cultural events. The method has slowly moved to North America with artists adding their own flair and twist. The gel is applied similar to that method of icing a cake. The gel dries and peals off leaving a light blue stain that develops into a dark navy, blue, almost black. It's Personal uses PPD and toxic free jagua that is 100% natural. The tattoo lasts up to three weeks depending on the area of the body and how well you take care of it. Come for something traditional, non traditional or try out a tattoo before you get a permanent installment at the tattoo studio.

Price varies on if the piece is based off of a reference photo you provide or if we are designing a tattoo from scratch. If it is based off a reference photo, the charge is $35/hr. Our line artist would love to bid out a private tattoo design with out if you are looking to plan an original tattoo. 

Want to book an event?! We'd love to come to you! Sure to add a fun, personal flair to any party or wedding event! It is $60/hr with a minimal booking of 2hrs for your event. 

We can't wait to be part of your special day!

(travel fees may apply when booking outside of Calgary)

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Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, 5E

The game is exciting but painting all those tiny pieces can become time consuming and tedious. We have the paint and supplies to leave you have more time to plan and play your campaign.

Why does it cost what it costs to paint a mini-figure? Just because it is small, does not mean we don't work hard to put in the details of skin layering and texture. We also seal each piece to prevent chipping and a smoothed out effect.

1.5 inches: $27

1.5 to 2 inches: $35

2 to 3 inches: $42

Larger: >$42

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Let's make your next home improvement one your guests will talk about! Turn your child's room into a fantasy wonderland ,or add a pop of color and flair to your living room and home office. Feature walls can range from single crimson wall to ombre walls, or patterned walls. 

If you are a local business looking to add some art to build to your ambiance, we would love to work with you! We are all about building Calgary culture!

Murals are bid out based on supplies and time. You will be given all the base colors we use. After all, you paid for it. For example, in this picture, the client was provided the the black, blue, white and orange. The black, orange and yellow were from our own accent colors we keep on hand 24/7. 

Prepping a wall is often just as time consuming as the painting. We do charge for prep work, however if you would like to do it yourself, we would be happy to provide easy to follow instructions to keep your bill more manageable. 

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