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It's difficult to write about Inktober in the throws of it all. As someone who has a day job outside of It's Personal, my routines had to adjust. So pardon the fact that this is being published in December. Inktober is the yearly challenge that artists take on and challenge others to each October: one ink drawing every day of the month. I have attempted it three times and this year I finally completed it!

Everything that each successful person in this world advices on success can truly be applied to every aspect of life and art. The reason I met my Inktober goals this year was because I had another artist keep me accountable (IG @mattaleche), I set a plan prior to October hitting, and I rearranged my routines to make time for my goal. Out of all of it, I was able to prove to myself, that no matter how busy your day is, there is always time to be creative. IF you prioritize your goals, you can make them a reality.

A new trend has started to come into my peripherals: Doodcember. Where you draw a doodle every day. Maybe I'll give it a go next year.

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