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Meet the Artist

Updated: May 26, 2020

Hello Internet! This is Adrienne, your very own Calgary commission and artist. With no artistic training Adrienne has developed her practice over the years through many hours at the library and twice as many hours experimenting outside of her day job as a nurse. Her two specialties are pen and acrylic on canvas. There's a tattoo artist deep inside which inspires the majority of her line work. She can turn any canvas into a work of our own personal preference.

Artists that influenced her style include Melow Perez, Jack Peppiette, and her lovely pet reptiles with their beautiful pattern their scales make. Anything can be turned into art. Add a personal twist to that blank wall in your home, tattoo, a new cover on your journal, a personal twist to your jean jacket or even spice up some music equipment.

Submit an art request or ask for an estimate with the contact form on the home page. She can't wait to here from you and make your art Personal.

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